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  • Obey Giant

    Obey Giant

    1h 30m 2017 HD

    A documentary that profiles the life and work of artist Shepard Fairey. We observe his roots by means...

    Director: James Moll

    Genre: Documentary

  • A Brief History of Time

    A Brief History of Time

    1h 20m 1991 HD

    A documentary movie based mostly on the lifetime of scientist Steven Hawking. The movie explores the...

    Director: Errol Morris

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Stephen Hawking

  • The War Room

    The War Room

    1h 36m 1993 HD

    A behind-the-scenes documentary in regards to the Clinton for President marketing campaign, specializing...

    Director: D.A. Pennebaker

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Paul Begala

  • Hoop Dreams

    Hoop Dreams

    2h 51m 1994 HD

    This documentary follows two inner-city Chicago residents, Arthur Agee and William Gates, as they observe...

    Director: Steve James

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: William Gates

  • Crumb


    1h 59m 1994 HD

    This film chronicles the life and occasions of R. Crumb. Robert Crumb is the cartoonist/artist who drew...

    Director: Terry Zwigoff

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Robert Hughes

  • The Decline of Western Civilization Part III

    The Decline of Western Civilization Part III

    1h 26m 1998 HD

    The Decline of Western Civilization III is a 1998 documentary movie directed by Penelope Spheeris that...

    Director: Penelope Spheeris

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Stephen Chambers

  • Mayor of the Sunset Strip

    Mayor of the Sunset Strip

    1h 34m 2003 HD

    A have a look at the historical past of fame on the earth by means of the eyes of pop star impresario,...

    Director: George Hickenlooper

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Rodney Bingenheimer

  • Touching the Void

    Touching the Void

    1h 46m 2003 HD

    A documentary based mostly on the e book of the identical identify by Joe Simpson about Simpson's and...

    Director: Kevin Macdonald

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Simon Yates

  • Kenny


    1h 26m 2017 HD

    An intimate and revealing portrait of Kenny Dalglish - the participant, the person, the reality.

    Director: Stewart Sugg

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Kenny Dalglish

  • Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

    Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

    2h 21m 2004 HD

    Some Sort of Monster is a music documentary about Metallica's making of their album St. Anger and the...

    Director: Joe Berlinger

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Robert Trujillo

  • Beyond the Spectrum

    Beyond the Spectrum

    0h 0m 2017 HD

    What has Nasa been hiding from us past the visible spectrum?

    Director: Darcy Weir

    Genre: Documentary

  • Aliens of the Deep

    Aliens of the Deep

    0h 47m 2005 HD

    James Cameron groups up with NASA scientists to discover the Mid-Ocean Ridge, a submerged chain of mountains...

    Director: Steven Quale

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Pamela Conrad

  • This Is It

    This Is It

    1h 51m 2009 HD

    A compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he ready for his...

    Director: Kenny Ortega

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Tommy Organ

  • Collapse


    1h 22m 2009 HD

    From the acclaimed director of American Film, the documentary follows former Los Angeles police officer...

    Director: Chris Smith

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Michael Ruppert

  • Out in the Silence

    Out in the Silence

    0h 56m 2009 HD

    There might not be any secrets and techniques in a small city, however there may be an expectation of...

    Director: Joe Wilson

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Roxanne Hitchcock

  • Maddman: The Steve Madden Story

    Maddman: The Steve Madden Story

    1h 18m 2017 HD

    Witness the unbelievable rise, fall, and resurrection of Steve Madden, the entrepreneur who launched...

    Director: Ben Patterson

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Steve Madden

  • Cocaine Cowboys

    Cocaine Cowboys

    1h 58m 2006 HD

    Within the 1980s, ruthless Colombian cocaine barons invaded Miami with a model of violence unseen on...

    Director: Billy Corben

    Genre: Action

    Actors: Toni Mooney

  • Food, Inc.

    Food, Inc.

    1h 34m 2008 HD

    Documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner examines how mammoth firms have taken over all elements of the meals...

    Director: Robert Kenner

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Vince Edwards

  • Bigger Stronger Faster*

    Bigger Stronger Faster*

    1h 45m 2008 HD

    In America, we outline ourselves within the superlative: we're the most important, strongest, quickest...

    Director: Chris Bell

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Sylvester Stallone

  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams

    Cave of Forgotten Dreams

    1h 30m 2010 HD

    Werner Herzog positive aspects unique entry to movie contained in the Chauvet caves of Southern France,...

    Director: Werner Herzog

    Genre: Documentary

    Actors: Werner Herzog

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